Bilawal makes an impact

DURING an impressive show in the Federal Capital, organized by the PPP on the occasion of its golden jubilee, Chairman of the Party Bilawal Zardari unfolded the future vision and agenda of the Party, which, if implemented in letter and spirit, has the potential to make a real difference not only in the life of individual Pakistanis but also change the fate of the entire country. Talking to jam-packed audience at Islamabad’s Parade Ground, where other political parties avoid to hold public meetings or rallies for fear of being exposed vis-à-vis the numbers they could pull, Bilawal talked about socialist ideology, egalitarian democracy, judicial and police reforms, improving health and education facilities, empowerment of women and provinces and more importantly establishment of writ of the State.
The PPP has been a federal party in true sense of the word as it has effective presence in all the provinces and regions and despite frantic efforts the Party could not be wiped out from the political scene. It is because of the strong foundations laid by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, who worked hard and offered supreme sacrifices in pursuit of democratic ideals and rights of the people. There was a time when PPP had unparalleled following and commitment of the people but with the passage of time the Party turned away from the chosen path of welfare of the people and as a consequence it had to suffer. PPP might have faltered as far as its economic and developmental agenda is concerned as it could not change life of the people during its last tenure and as a consequence its performance in the last general election was dismal but no one can deny that it introduced some of the fundamental reforms that would go a long way in putting the country on right track. These include constitutional reforms aimed at strengthening parliament and devolution of powers to provinces, accepting some of the fundamental demands of smaller provinces, a package for Balochistan, promotion of closer ties with China and caring much about fixed income groups. The agenda announced by Bilwal can brighten electoral prospects of PPP but we would point out that the country is facing serious challenges and threats and no Party alone can take it out of the turbulent waters. Therefore, democratic forces must join hands to ensure supremacy of Parliament, continuation of the democratic process and re-establishing writ of the State, which is threatened by a multitude of factors and reasons.

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