Bilawal asks PM to step down till Panama probe


Govt won’t be able to complete term

Kotli—Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign from his post until investigation into the disclosures made through the Panama Papers is over.
“You [Nawaz Sharif] should resign while the investigation is going on and resume your position once proven innocent,” the PPP leader said while addressing a political rally in Kotli, Azad Kashmir.
Predicting Pakistan Muslim League-N’s downfall, Bilawal claimed that all lies and frauds allegedly carried out by the prime minister are getting exposed and would ultimately lead to his party’s defeat.
“PML-N’s defeat will begin from Kashmir the way water flows from here and reaches all over Pakistan,” Bilawal said, urging people to come together and defeat Nawaz Sharif and his party.
While urging Kashmiris to prepare for the elections in 2018, PPP chairman asked them to beware of rigging techniques adopted by the ruling party. “I know that PML-N is expert in rigging, but I trust my Kashmiri people will defeat all these tactics.”
Lambasting on Nawaz Sharif and his government for not paying heed to the needs of Kashmiris, Bilawal alleged that instead of starting development projects in underdeveloped region of Azad Kashmir, the premier invested money in Metro Bus projects which failed to benefit the poor.
Further, speaking about the struggle of Kashmiris, the PPP leader said, “Kashmir is considered a symbol of freedom struggle,” but PM Nawaz has never openly talked against the oppression in Kashmir.
“I am not afraid of Modi government and Indian media’s criticism when I talk about Kashmir. They know Bhutto’s voice is heard all over the world.
I take pride in the fact that my party has always supported Kashmiris,” he said.
“When I talk about Kashmir, our pictures are burnt, our website is hacked and Modi Sarkar starts propaganda against me,” he said.
He also criticized the International community and said that world nations pass the resolutions, talk much about human rights but keep close their eyes on Kashmir dispute.
Bilawal accused the Prime Minister saying that his foreign policy always has the element of “business interest”. He also blamed Nawaz Shrif of buying institutions with the intent of turning them into offshore companies.
He criticised the United Nations regarding its inability to solve the Kashmir issue by stating that the UN has passed resolutions regarding Kashmir, however, it has failed to implement those resolutions.
He further added that the global community has turned a blind eye towards the Kashmir issue and stated that unarmed Kashmiris and Palestinians are becoming subjects to atrocities.
He said that the party will no longer remain quiet on the Panama Leaks issue as the government will not be able to complete its constitutional term as it is going through a turbulent period and that the “Raiwind throne” seems shaking.
He accused that the funds of the Kashmir Council are being distributed in PML-N members by the authority seated in Islamabad and that fake voter lists are being produced by registering the votes of non-Kashmiri people. Bilawal stated the “action replay” of the 2013 elections is there to be witnessed in the current scenario as PML-N is an expert in rigging.
He said that all the development done in Kashmir was during PPP’s tenure and stated that his party wants to provide employment to the people and uplift their living standard. He promised the Kashmiri people that whatever seems as a distant dream as of now will become a reality when PPP comes to power.

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