Bilawal as Opposition leader

ACCORDING to media reports, PPP has apparently decided to bring its budding Chairman Bilawal Zardari to Parliament and he is likely to replace Syed Khurshid Shah as leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly after contesting election from a constituency from Sindh, preferably from his ancestral constituencies. A final decision to induct Bilawal into parliamentary politics would, however, be taken on return of Asif Ali Zardari, who has already indicated he would make a comeback soon.
The PPP Chairperson has already started political activities as he gives frequent political statements, interviews and is looking after most of the party affairs. He has started visiting different regions of the country as part of the strategy to mobilise PPP, which has become a dormant political entity after his electoral defeat in 2013 general election and lacklustre performance in almost all bye-elections, local bodies, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. However, it is no denying the fact that the PPP has its roots in all the four provinces, FATA, GB and Azad Kashmir and this puts it in an enviable position. The party has its presence in every region but its poor performance is mainly because of lack of focus on people-specific issues. It could not do much to mitigate sufferings of the people during its five-year rule and is not doing politics of issues of the masses. PPP’s declining popularity graph gave way for PTI, which has gained impression of being the party of the youth. If Bilawal, being a young leader, succeeds in attracting attention of the youth then the party can surely regain some of the lost ground. It is, however, quite obvious that PPP would benefit from induction of Bilawal into politics and Parliament but much depends on kind of politics he pursues. The party image has badly been affected due to serious allegations of massive corruption and inefficiency during its tenure at the centre and bad governance in Sindh, which has now apparently started delivering after change of the Chief Minister. Hopefully, Bilawal would make a difference and pursue the visionary policies of late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto for the common man.

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