A bigger and stronger Parliament..!

MY friend a building contractor who had been moaning to me for more than a year that his industry was facing the biggest slump ever, stood at the doorstep grinning at me from ear to ear. “I am going to be a rich man again,” he said giving me an even bigger grin as I led him into my sitting room. “I have been awarded the contract to build a bigger Parliament House.” “What nonsense!” I cried, “I see nothing wrong with the existing building.”
“It is too small,” said my friend, “I have been commissioned to erect a building five times the present size.” “What do they want to do?” I exclaimed again, “put the whole of Delhi inside? We are a poor country we should be careful when we spend our limited money.”
“When it comes to the safety of our elected representatives,” said my friend sternly, money should not be the criteria.” “What safety are you talking about?” I asked, “all our money is going in safeguarding our ministers, our MPs’ and our MLAs’.” What more security do they want.”
“Security inside Parliament,” said my friend the builder seriously, “Words are getting heated. Tempers are being lost, Soon there will be war inside. No more are we a country of debates. Now we have started hating each other. Now with this bigger and more spacious building I am supposed to build, all the security men, the SGPs, the guards and the Black Cats will be accommodated inside the House.”
“To defend their bosses from each other?” I asked in astonishment. “Not only to defend, but to attack and do all the fighting too,” said my friend grinning away. “There will be pitched battles in the Lok Sabha between the different security groups,” I shouted.
“No different from what’s happening now,” said my friend, “only that this time the MPs will be safe. Each one of our elected representatives will be built bullet proof cabins with shatter proof glass, so that miles and paper weight thrown at them will not harm them in any way.”
“That will take up a lot of place,” I said. “Therefore the need for a bigger building,” said my friend the builder. “Each MPs cabin will also have a small cabin with a stretcher, an oxygen cylinder and a doctor on call, in case the M.P gets injured or suffers a heart attack during the battles.”
“With all these security men, and doctors and sound proof cabins, I wonder whether any business will ever be transacted in the house?” I wondered aloud. “Business in the house?” asked the builder looking at me in surprise. “Nobody told me about any business they had to do in the house..!”
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