Big powers competition in Asia narrowing foreign policy options

Zubair Qureshi

Experts on Foreign Policy Tuesday warned that competition between external powers over energy resources, trade corridors, pipelines and military bases was narrowing foreign policy options for the countries in South, Central and West Asia. This can aggravate the security situation in the region, they further said.
While addressing national conference titled ‘Regional Security and Foreign Policy in South, Central and West Asia’ organized by the think tank Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) in collaboration with German foundation Konrad Adenauer Stiftung they looked at various facets affecting peace and security in the region and possible future trajectory of events in the region.
The think tank called on United States, Russia and China to contribute to contribute to peace and prosperity in the region. It emphasized the need for a political and security architecture in South Asia where prospects for peaceful resolution of disputes were diminishing due to India’s aggressive posture towards its neighbours particularly Pakistan. It noted that India had been emboldened by its Strategic Partnership with United States, which was not only serving to contain China, but was also undermining Pakistan’s security.
SVI observed that India was investing in Afghanistan and Iran to pave the way for expansion of its influence in West Asia. The think tank counseled Pakistan government against participation in multilateral security arrangements that could antagonize another Muslim country.

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