Big machine called man

All the countries across the world have the natural tendency to scale the new heights on the economic front. After all, the people want to live in peace and enjoy the comfort of life. Just see this gigantic project: OBOR is an acronym of One Belt, One Road. The OBOR project has been floated by China – aimed at creating the voluminous connectivity and strengthening the economic framework among China, Eurasia, South East Asia, South Asia and Africa.
Initially the term OBOR had attracted me a lot, kindling my passion for learning and growth. In fact my first-ever job had involved export and import activities in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India way back in 2002. Right now the global economists and analysts are talking about the OBOR project.
The OBOR will create the road connections, rail routes and maritime routes besides strengthening the infrastructure between the participants. Connectivity always plays a role in economic growth and the well-being of the people and the society as people are able to move from one place to another easily.
India being a big country, the government has to do something serious on the economic front. The Indian government should think of establishing the greater connectivity among the countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. Of course, great diplomacy, good relationship, cordial communication and strong strategies will go a long way in establishing the economic corridors among these growing countries. Ultimately, such huge plans/”dream projects” will bring in numerous job opportunities for the workforce in the continent.
Maharashtra, India

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