Big cars, small drivers..!

IN India, the SUV huge cars are selling better than the rest, and I wasn’t too surprised to read that report! As I watch the traffic on our roads, I’ve noticed that seven times out of ten, you are edged out by an SUV driver. Quite a few buy these huge cars to bully others on the road and unfortunately what we have in our country are small drivers in big cars, or little people in big positions!
I still remember going to the office of a religious leader in the city, who wanted me to write a book about him. As I sat opposite him, I found him towering over me from across the table, till he decided to go to the bathroom, and I found he actually had to clamber down from his high chair. I stared at the small man who made his way out.
I didn’t write his book. And the formula of big cars, and small people applies so well to them, as they sit on their tall chairs and scream and shout at subordinates, belittling them with their position, till they go to the bathroom! What we need to learn is courtesy. What we need to inculcate is humility!
As a writer I marvel at foreign editors, who do not fail to communicate with their columnists. Yes, there are Indian editors too who do that and have become quite close to me, but quite a few don’t! I know papers who haven’t paid me for years on end, and whose editors refuse to take my call. All I need is an assurance that I will get the payment some time or other, but their attitude is, “Take your column elsewhere if you want!” Knowing that if I do so, I’ll never see that payment, ever!
All we need to imbibe are manners! Courtesy! It’s not fear of a policeman that should make small drivers with big cars follow rules! It’s not courts of law that should make bosses pay their employees on time, but it’s an attitude of being considerate! An attitude of humility!
Why, you ask am I mentioning all this today? Ah, well today on Christmas Eve, I’m thinking of a babe born in a lowly manger, over two thousand years ago, when as the Creator, He could have come down to earth as royalty to a palace! He didn’t and there’s a lesson for those small drivers with big cars, and all of us too: That God didn’t feel bad being born in a lowly stable! He wanted no big cars or tall chairs, why should we?

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