Bhutto’s legacy

PEOPLE of Pakistan in general and PPP leadership and workers in particular observed death anniversary of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the first elected Prime Minister of the country and an iconic politician. Functions were held throughout the country where party workers reaffirmed their commitment to keep the struggle to protect, strengthen and nurture democracy.
Shaheed Bhutto would always be remembered in the history as a leader who sparked confidence among ordinary people, giving them voice to speak for their rights. His politics centred on the theme of ‘people’ as was also reflected in the nomenclature of the party he founded to pursue his political struggle. ZAB assumed power at a time when the nation was thoroughly demoralised in the backdrop of Fall of Dhaka and reconstruction of the remainder Pakistan and boosting sagging morale of the people was considered to be a Herculean task. He succeeded in his endeavour because of visionary approach to the all issues of concern — from writing down a new but consensus Constitution to securing a prominent place for Pakistan in the comity of nations and especially the Islamic Ummah. Bhutto would also be remembered for his fatherly role in development of the country’s nuclear programme that made our defence impregnable. His daughter Benazir Bhutto too pursued his mission and was on her way to make a deep footprint in all spheres of life but became victim to a terrorist attack. The PPP was able to form government riding the wave of sympathy generated by the tragic assassination of BB but unfortunately it could not stick to the ideals that ZAB and BB set before them to make PPP a party of federation. Its leadership mostly relied on parochial politics and that is why it has been routed from Punjab. Presently, axis of its politics is Sindh but here again it is not as active in resolving problems of the people, as it should have been. However, one must give credit to PPP for its commitment to democracy and supremacy of Parliament.

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