Better safe than sorry

Mahrukh Ibrahim

We are living in the world of halfwits where education is just confined to text books. We are using electronics and digital media without having adequate knowledge. It’s just like the famous proverb “a bad work man quarrels with his tools”. In this electronic world, everybody has free access to social media accounts on which they share there daily life based activities and pictures for friends and family members.
The “Facebook” is one of the most popular social networking website which offers innumerable characteristics for its user’s ease. It’s free for its users but charges for businesses. It has 1.59 billion monthly active users and its revenue is sky high as it gets revenue on a single click. Everybody in the world is using FB. Eversince, I started using Facebook, I experienced the hoax ran rampant “Facebook is about to charge its users” etc.
It’s such an alarming for the one who uses Facebook as a food, so I googled it right away to figure out the reality instead of blind search posting. It’s obvious that some business people who attempted to exempt themselves from the charges, thereby spread the lie even further, thus doing the leg work of the hoaxers. Nowadays, a very funny rumour is spreading like a jungle fire and each and every person is sharing on his/her walls like word to mouth statements
“All your posts can become public tomorrow. Even messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed. ‘Better safe than sorry’, is right. Well its really hilarious act of people which forced me to write I must say that “Better use common sense to be safe” I mean Mark Zuckerberg and company is that much free to read your posts on your walls or if facebook is about to do such kind of acts so why should they waste their time and money on its Icons to malware protections and spams. In case any such thing will be going to happen, the the Facebook will dfinitely post each and every account just like the way they inform us about copyright policies.

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