Believe in yourself..!

BILLIONAIRE Bill Gates, the richest man in the world launched his career when as a college student at Harvard he promised to deliver software he hadn’t developed yet for a computer he had never seen! Because of his sense of certainty (which was completely unfounded) he was able to tap all the recourses he needed to successfully co-design the software and begin to build his fortune.
For thousands of years it was known that no human could run a four minute mile; it was physically impossible. Yet Roger Bannister shattered this belief when he ran a mile in 3.59 minutes. How did he do it? In his mind’s eye he repeatedly visualized his triumph so intensely that his certainty gave an unquestioned command to his nervous system, and he achieved physical results to match his mental picture. Following in Bannister’s stride and believing that they too could do it, within a year several duplicated his feat..!
A couple of weeks ago while giving a lecture on the Art of Public Speaking, a young lady in the front row who appeared quite shy and diffident put her hand up and told me, that it was okay for people like me to speak in public but shy people like her couldn’t. “Once upon a time, not too long ago I was shy like you,” I said.
“You?” she asked astonished. “And then,” I said, “I decided to learn to speak in public.” “What did you do?” she whispered. “I visualized myself on a stage like this. I perceived myself speaking to an audience like you all and I set about developing a persistent belief that I could do it.”
There was silence in that hall. “Then,” I said, “I wrote to different clubs, telling them that I would like to address them on some particular subject. Can you guess what the subject was?”
“Writing?” she asked. “Public speaking,” I smiled. “The first to reply was a club from the neighbourhood. They asked me to speak to them on a Thursday on the element of Public Speaking. I nearly fainted with nervousness when I accepted the invitation.”
“And did you speak?” she asked. “Yes,” I said with a grin. “I had goose pimples and knees that were trembling nineteen to the dozen, but I spoke.” “What is it you want to do next?” she asked as the others in the room laughed. “To sing a solo in public.” I said. “Are you afraid?” she asked. “Very,” I said, “but the day I can visualize myself doing it and develop a persistent desire to excel in it, the day I believe I can do it, I know I will succeed..!”
Beliefs separate a Mozart from a Mike, Mohan or Mary, causing some individuals to become heroes while others resign themselves to wondering what could have been. Today start believing in yourself my friend and have the world in your grasp..!

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