Being watched..!

DROVE into a petrol station the other day and was startled to see a flurry of activity all around. Attendants who generally hung around like wall paper and who acted as if they were doing you a favour topping up your car, were suddenly walking around briskly, filling in gas as if they were working on an oil rig, making out receipts at a spectacular speed and even giving a smile to the surprised motorists.
“Must be a change of management,” I told my driver. He didn’t say anything, just pointed out a small dapper looking man to me. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Their boss,” said my driver. “He owns the petrol bunk. Because he was watching, everybody worked.
We drove away and as I reclined at the back, I wondered how each one of us would behave if we knew we were being watchedWould the husband flirt with his secretary if he knew his wife was watching? Would the wife fantasize about Bollywood hunks if she felt her husband could look into her mind?
I settled down and nearly fell asleep when I felt my driver eyes on me in the rear view mirror. I pretended to be fast asleep and watched with one eye as he cut through a red signal, nearly ran over a pedestrian and overtook a huge truck from the left. I coughed angrily and saw him looking at me guiltily
What a man or woman does when he is behind closed doors is his or her business we say. But what he does behind those doors is what ultimately shapes him, and at some period of time in his life that door will open and reveal to all world what sort of a person he really is.
So what about a little game? Let’s imagine someone is watching us. That our life is on some giant television screen and our every movement is under scrutiny. Feel like playing? Not very many of us are going to feel too comfortable. Look guiltily up at those imaginary pair of eyes as you tip a government clerk to get a piece of work done quickly!
Don’t think those eyes are not watching you as you stare lustily at the scantily clad model in the newspaper. That unseen eyes are watching as you ‘harmlessly’ flirt with your best friend’s wife on the phone.
Suddenly you realize that the game’s tough one. “Get those eyes of me!” you shout. But if you can try it out for a day, then a week, and finally make those observing eyes a part of your life, then slowly but surely a new you will start being formed.
A you, with character. A new you, of integrity. A you, who can look into your mirror and respect the person reflected within. Give the ‘you are being watched’ game a try. It could change your life..! By the way, have you realized, you are being watched all the time, by the Boss above?
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