Beijing’s patience on South China Sea issue

LEAVING aside some voice of reason, it appears South China Sea may ultimately turn into a war theatre due to rash and provocative policies and behaviour of the United States. Despite severe protests by China, the United States is persisting with patrolling of its warships near Yongshu Reef in the Nansha Islands. Chinese see patrolling by American warships as a threat to their sovereignty and security, endangering the safety of people and facilities on the reef and an attempt to disturb regional peace and stability. However, it was because of the remarkable patience on the part of Beijing that no untoward incident has happened which could have threatened peace in the region.
It is understood that the US policy on South China Sea issue is the product of maddening power and force that Washington possesses and is always eager to display in different areas of the globe. China, on the other hand, has no aggressive designs against any country of the world and instead wants to integrate nations through its innovative One Belt, One Road project. Despite United States’ provoking bid to other regional countries to forge a so-called coalition for any future misadventure on the issue of South China Sea, China continues to keep its cool. Chinese patience shows its diplomatic maturity that is in line with 5000-year-old Chinese traditions and policies; but it is understood that in the face of unending provocations something bad could happen. Meanwhile, the Arab delegates attending the Ministerial meeting of China-Arab Cooperation Forum have pledged to back China’s efforts to peacefully resolve maritime difference through dialogue; while the Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, currently visiting China, has also expressed Afghanistan’s support for China’s principled stand on the issue. We, therefore, would like to call upon the United Nations and other civilized countries, particularly Pakistan, to take serious notice of the situation, come out with unambiguous stance for peace and take steps to prevent any show down in the troubled South China Sea waters.

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