Beijing Central Business District ranks ninth


Beijing Central Business District (CBD) ranks ninth among all metropolitan central business districts around the world and the first in China, according to a report on the attractiveness of the major global CBDs released on the 2017 Annual Conference of World CBD Alliance.
The CBD will launch a connective mechanism to bridge the credit evaluation system and the building management system, which will enable regulations on business conduct and minimize financial risks for companies within the area, said the district’s authorities at a meeting in Chaoyang District. In 2017, the science and technology service and the cultural creativity industry has accounted for 15 percent of the CBD’s economic volume, with 6,000 new technology service companies registered in the business district. The CBD will continue its strict regulation on the business conducts of the registered companies in 2018, said Guo Liang, deputy director of the Beijing CBD Administrative Committee. The business district has already built a credit evaluation system, embedding a credit risk assessment model, which enables the real-time evaluation of enterprises’ risks. It will also develop a smart building brand, explore new models of regional economic transformation and upgrading, and promote the quality—APP.

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