Beijing addresses doubts about CPEC

AMBASSADOR of china to Pakistan Yao Jing has urged people of Pakistan to support the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project for progress and economic stability of the country, saying any doubts about it are baseless. Speaking at the CPEC Career summit 2018 at the Air University in Islamabad, he said the new Pakistani government has a vision for the future and the Chinese government and leadership believe it can develop Pakistan.
It is a matter of satisfaction that despite propaganda by some vested interests, all the projects under the framework of CPEC are being completed as per original schedule. A number of projects especially those relating to energy have already been completed due to accelerated speed during the last five years and now the two countries are focusing their attention to expand the scope of work under the project. No doubt, CPEC is the best venture for expanding economies of the two countries as it lays special emphasis on improving agriculture, human resource development and standard of education in Pakistan. It is to be noted that these three areas are being treated as priority by the present Government as these have the potential to unleash the country’s true potential for progress and development. Pakistan has a fertile land and development of agriculture on modern lines can not only help meet growing needs of the rapidly increasing population but also produce surplus for exports to earn the much-needed foreign exchange. Similarly, it is also a fact that human resource development is a key to sustainable development and by improving standard of education and laying focus on research and development and transfer of technology can help bring about a real change. China is willing to cooperate and it is now for Government of Pakistan to translate this willingness into concrete plans and projects for the benefit of the country.

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