Behind every corrupt man…

Hashim Abro

As they say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman’ so in the same manner I have concluded that behind every corrupt and jobber officer/official, there is a so-called honest big officer/big boss – apparently honest but virtually corrupt to the core – otherwise, it is extremely difficult, and almost impossible, for any officer to indulge in corrupt practices and jobbery in the public sector organizations in Pakistan.
Like many others, I have concluded that corrupt are invincible in this country. They are corrupt; therefore, they have sources and resources. On the contrary, those who are honest and upright they are sourceless and resourceless and they can’t seek re-employment even after their retirement. Come what may, corrupt can’t be weeded out from this society, thus, there is a dire need to legitimize corruption in this country. Long Live corruption and the corrupt ones who come and rule!

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