Who is Behind Anti-Pak Campaign?

FOLLOWING Geneva episode where flags and banners of ‘Free Balochistan’ were put on display earlier this year, a similar kind of malicious campaign has now been started in London using the cabs – much to the surprise of Pakistani people as Britain is amongst the countries with which Pakistan enjoy excellent relations.
As soon as the smear campaign was reported on the social media, our Foreign Office was quick to summon the British High Commissioner and lodged a strong protest with him conveying Pakistan’s strong reservations on the ads. In fact relations between Pakistan and Britain have gained strength over the last few years. We have also seen the British parliamentarians supporting Pakistan’s stance on terrorism and its efforts. Therefore appearance of ads against Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity on the streets of London really hurt the sentiments of Pakistani people. We expect that the British authorities will take the requisite action in accordance with their local law as well as international obligations for the removal of ads and bringing to book those behind it. In the case of Geneva, there were clear proofs that Baloch Liberation Army backed by, without any iota of doubt, our arch enemy ‘India’ was behind the campaign and as for London campaign also, we have no doubt in saying that the same elements are furthering their sordid agenda to hurt the interests of Pakistan which are bound to fail. The matter of the fact is that there is no freedom movement going on in the resource rich and strategically located Balochistan province. In fact the people of Balochistan have rejected the Indian-backed {a handful of} separatist elements and are standing by the government in execution of multi billion dollars CPEC and completion of Gwadar port- the completion of which will change the entire landscape and face of the province. As this prosperity is not digestible to our enemy, therefore, it is resorting to Geneva and London like dirty ploys. In fact it is not Balochs but the Kashmiri people who have been demanding freedom from the evil clutches of India over the last seventy years. It is time that the world gives ears to the plight of Kashmiri people rejecting the Indian propaganda.

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