Begging in Pakistan

Begging is one of the horrifying problems in our country. The men, women and children are begging at all hours of the day in Pakistan. Nowadays it has become a trend and profession. It has turned into an organised business. Even though in Islam it is not allowed to beg but unfortunately being a Muslim we are not following the teachings of Islam. Addicted husbands, who don’t work, force their women and children to go for begging and earn money for them. Children are being kidnapped by begging gangs and after training they send these kids for begging. People mostly say that poverty is the main cause of begging. Maybe this is one of the factors which lead to begging but this is not the whole truth.
Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that begging is forbidden for Muslims. He strictly forbade us from this malpractice. Begging is hateful. Islam has introduced the system of Zakat for its prevention. Therefore, we ought to curb this practice in our country.

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