Beggary_ a compulsion

Begging, which is prohibited by Islam, is practicable in Mekran. Mostly children are found, in each corner of the Mekran division, begging for filling their empty stomachs. Sadly, they are tortured with harsh words in the conservatory society. Despite witnessing them as children and women, the fellow citizens use abusive words for them, not even thinking if the beggar is a child, woman or an elderly man. It is far clear that anyone in the world would not prefer listening bad words for himself. If the beggars, who are called as rich by the people, be really rich enough then their egos would stop them from begging for long.
They are compelled and moneyless as a result they wander and ask the rich fellows to help them. On the other hand, government is not active enough to provide them with any sort of job opportunities in order to make them live a happy life – after all they are the part of Pakistani society. Therefore, I ask the government to look after the beggars and provide them with job opportunities so that they must get rid of the daily abuses. This is a matter of concern for the entire nation.

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