Beggars in Pakistan

Tooba Abdul Qadeer

Pakistan is facing street begging at an alarming ratio and is flooded with all varieties of beggars. They can be seen easily everywhere either at public parks, at signals, at streets, on roads even on sea-fronts. The reason behind begging is poverty and joblessness. Our country is suffering from poverty which has forced people to beg. Hundreds of people commit suicide and hundreds of people kill their children. Many people have adopted it as a profession and can earn money easily than a normal person. Due to this reason people, who are physically fit, are usually seen begging on the streets. This profession now has become an industry in which men, women and children are involved and trained as well. They can easily earn 1000 to 1500 rupees per day and have to handover their earnings to mafia.
Some people beg at their own risk. Due to joblessness and poverty they begin to beg. By considering this we have to plan Zakat funds for these needy people and must stop them to adopt it as a profession. There are many needy people who are forced to turn to begging but in many cases the beggar mafia uses children for squeezing money from people in the name of Charity. As there is no separate act for stopping begging, the mafia ?are encouraged to earn money by using disabled children. This profession is increasing day by day and behind this reason our people are also responsible. People instead of bringing beggars on the right path feel pity on them and give money. As begging starts with poverty and unemployment, govt should?address the issue through education and implementation of laws. It is government duty to make some policies for street begging and provide job opportunities to those who are not well educated.

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