Beggars at the gate of KU

The number of beggars is increasing day by day in our country. One can easily observe the presence of street beggars hanging around in pitiable conditions. Although people began begging due to multiple reasons such as poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, yet beggars are a blot on humanity. At the Silver Jubilee gate of Karachi University, every student who comes out from this gate, is greeted by the beggars. They are the people, who came from village and started living at the opposite side of the road and have adopted begging as their “profession”. There are old women who lay down on roadside and do begging. In summers they also have umbrellas and sun glasses to prevent themselves from sun rays. They also engage their children in begging who follow every student until they get some money or being scolded by the student.
These children also have been observed playing cards at the side of bridge and they usually misbehave with the girls coming outside from this gate. There are also some women who beg with a child in their hands. These beggars are annoying and also misbehave with students if they don’t get the money. They are drawing a very bad picture of poverty in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. They are a blot on the fair name of Pakistan and must be removed from the scene. The authorities should take action against these beggars; especially children because they are not going on the right path. Once this habit is strongly embedded in them, then there is every likelihood that they will commit crimes for their bread earning.
Farah Fareed

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