Before the next election Sir..!

THE doorbell rings. I walk to the door, swing it open and find a grinning face outside with folded hands. “Namaste sir,” says the grinning face as it tries to shake my hand then tries to walk past me into my house, “May I come in?”
“No!” I exclaim, “You may not! I don’t know you!” “You do know me sir!” says face with a wider grin and hands reaching out to embrace me. “No I don’t.” “You do sir” “No I don’t! Who are you?”
“We met five years back sir.” says the grinning face, with folded hands. “Where?” “Here only sir” “Here?” “Yes sir” “And why did we meet here?” “I came for your vote sir” “Aha.. you are..?” “Your voice in the State Assembly sir! May I come in now?” “No” I say angrily.
“Why sir?” “Do you know how many times I came to meet you at your office?” “No sir? “But you never had the time. You were always busy, too busy, your men sent me away; thugs and goons who stood outside your office door with smirks and sneers! They nearly roughed me up when I tried to insist on seeing you!” “For what you came to meet me sir?” “Roads in the city not repaired! Water in our area everywhere on the ground, but never in our taps, law and order getting worse by the day! What are you doing?” I ask.
“Writing it down sir” “Now?” I ask. “If you vote for me, I will do everything.” “Didn’t you say the same thing last time?” “Did I sir? So many people I have to speak to, don’t remember all I say sir!” “Will our roads be repaired?” “Your vote is my guarantee” “Will we get water?” “My symbol is onion sir” “Will the kachra bins be emptied?” “Here is your ballot number sir”
“Have you written it all down?” “Not everything sir: Up to standard four we write very slowly sir” “Then how will you remember everything?”
“Come to my office after the elections sir!” “But you won’t have time to see me!” I tell him. “Then I will come and see you sir.” said the politician as he stepped out of my house and reached the gate. “When?” I shouted. “Before the next election sir..!”

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