Be stress free

M. Zubair Khan.

This refers to the article, ‘A silent killer’ (Mar 6), by Ahmed Bilal. The author, an organisational psychologist finds that the people in every organisation have stress. This stress, if not properly managed, can lead to serious psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. Unmanaged stress can also cause physiological conditions like high blood pressure, ulcers and even cancer.
According to the writer most of us do not take stress seriously, and consider it to be a transient phenomenon, but professional help must be taken to reduce stress. Stress can affect people of every age, profession and gender. The writer gives some helpful general advice to his readers about coping with, and reducing every day stress. The writer asserts that, simple activities like daily exercise, spending quality time with friends and family, eating and sleeping well, can reduce our stress levels considerably. The writer also rightly suggests that all organisations both private and public must be in contact with stress management experts, who can help the employees to deal with stress more effectively.

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