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Be ready for super floods

NATIONAL Assembly’s Standing Committee on Water Resources was informed the other day by the government officials that the country could face major to super floods during the monsoon season owing to higher than normal snowfall and other climatic changes in the country this year.
Indeed this winter season the country has witnessed unusual rains and snowfall which are still continuing. Undoubtedly for a water scarce country, this should be seen as a blessing of God Almighty but due to our lack of preparedness to cope with floods, the precipitation also unfortunately turns into tragedy for us. Had we built small and large dams, we would not have been faced with such kind of situation. The country witnessed the worst floods in 2010 and 2011 which badly affected the millions of people as well as the economy but we did not learn any serious lesson from them. As the warning for the floods has been issued by the ministry of water resources, time warrants that all the necessary arrangements including the projects launched for protection against floods are completed before the monsoon season. Federal and provincial disaster management authorities should be provided with sufficient resources to cope with any flood like situation. The fourth Flood Protection Programme was approved by the Council of Common Interests (CCI) in 2017 with a total cost of Rs326 billion for implementation in 10 years. The funds were to be contributed by all the five stakeholders depending on provincial needs and schemes. All the stakeholders need to sit together to review the implementation of this project which needs to be further improved in order to avert flood like calamities. Water sector projects have never been given any priority and this is the reason that today the country not only suffers because of heavy rains but also loses precious water to sea because of lack of storage capacity. Both the federal and provincial government really needs to build their capacities against floods and the best way of course is the construction of both small and big dams in all the provinces which will also ensure our water security and help produce cheap electricity.