Be careful to give votes

Politicians are the ones from whom public expect a plethora of things. When we give votes, we have hopes that may our country progress and develop in future. But unfortunately, majority of the politicians in Pakistan are in the cage of corruption who have pushed the country towards a dead end. They make millions of promises before the elections, they make promises to make a new Pakistan like Quaid-i-Azam’s Pakistan but after election, no one knows about their whereabouts.
Today the residents of Turbat have been suffering from hundreds of problems like water shortage, load shedding, education crisis, unemployment and many more but the government is as silent as a grave. The residents give votes for the solution of their problems, but our issues increase instead of decreasing and they (politicians) leave the poor in the lurch. So, now we need to be very much careful for giving votes to such politicians who are not trustworthy. I expect that the public will vote those who are sincere and honest enough for bringing development by providing facilities to the needy people.

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