BD HRs violations at Int’l fora sought

Salim Ahmed

Lahore—The Civil Society with the cooperation of eminent citizens will prepare a memo-randum demanding an end to the victimization of pro-Pakistan people in Bangladesh and take up the matter with the UNO, the OIC and other world bodies.
This was decided at a seminar organized by the Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA), at the Quaid-e-Azam Library. Eminent jurist S.M. Zafar presided over the seminar, which was addressed by ex-Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan, Javed Hashmi, Liaqat Baloch, Newspaper Editor Mujib-ur-Rahman Shami, Ahmar Bilal Soofi advocate, Altaf Hasan Qureshi and others.
On the occasion, it was resolved that a delegation comprising prominent political, social, literary figures and intellectuals would call on the ambassadors of the Muslim countries, and the representatives of the UN and the OIC in Islamabad and present them the Memorandum demanding an end to the human rights violations in Bangladesh and the executions of the pro-Pakistan people there.
The delegation would also contact the international human rights bodies for the purpose. Mr. S.M. Zafar, in his address, said it had become imperative to take up the issue of human rights violations in Bangladesh with the international court of justice so that the murder of justice there could be stopped. Former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan said that India had already announced a war against this country through RAW. Javed Hashmi in his address, said that efforts were required to save Bangladesh as well as Pakistan from India’s hegemony and lamented that some elements in the country were always keen to accept India’s supremacy.
Eulogizing the role of armed forces in defending Pakistan Mr. Hashmi said he has been waving salute to the army carvans during his journey from Multan to Lahore. Liaqat Baloch stressed that the issue should be thoroughly discussed in the Senate and the National Assembly and a joint national stance should be adopted.
Mujib-ur-Rahman Shami, in his address, said that the Pakistan government should give up all expediencies and adopt a bold and clear cut stance and present Dhaka regime’s oppression before the world community.

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