BCCI circulates retirement policy among its staff members

Bipin Dani


The Indian cricket board has issued the notice of implementation Uniform Retirement Policy to all its employees, it is learnt here. The notice has been circulated among all its employees on Tuesday.
“Pursuant to the decisions taken by the Committee of Administrators (“COA”), a uniform retirement age of 60 is being implemented for all permanent employees of the BCCI”, the notice, a copy of which is in our possession, says.
“It will, however, be open for the BCCI to, at its discretion, enter into a contract of employment/ service with any retired employee/ person above 60 years of age for a definite contractual term in the event the services of such retired employee/ person above 60 years of age are required”, the letter signed by the CEO (Rahul Johri) adds.
“The decision to implement a uniform retirement policy is aimed at addressing the situation where certain permanent employees have earlier been made to retire at the age of 60 years because their appointment letters provided for retirement at the said age whereas certain other permanent employees are continuing beyond the age of 60 years because their appointment letters do not stipulate any age of retirement. Having a uniform age of retirement will ensure that the aforesaid anomaly in the terms and conditions of service of permanent employees is addressed”, the notice adds further.
Two high profile employees- Neeraj Kumar (head, Anti Corruption Unit) and Prof. Ratnakar Shetty- are likely to be affected with this policy as they are above 60. Unless their terms are not extended the Indian cricket board is set to lose the services of these two, along with other low ranking officers and the subordinate staff.

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