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Atiq Ali Jan

Sweet fruits are received after working with great efforts and love. But the students of Balochistan are not harvesting sweet fruits in form of good marks after the Intermediate examination. A number of students were declared as failed on the plea that they were absent on the day of examination, though all those students were present at the time of examination and also attempted the Paper.
Unfortunately, several students have become the victim of this problem, only because the data base and the record handling mechanism of the Board in itself has a number of lacunae and is rampant with corruption and incompetence. My own friend failed; he was blamed that he had been absent at the day of examination, which is an incorrect statement. He is also going to the Balochistan board daily to assure them that he was present at examination time, and had given the attendance too. But all his efforts are going in vain for Balochistan board is not interested to listen his clamour. These are the conditions of our languid Board.
Secondly, the students who passed the examination are also under the clouds. As the majority of people of Balochistan belong to poor families; they cannot afford expenses of getting higher education. They try to seek of scholarships to continue with their education, but owing to the late result, it becomes difficult for the students to apply for a scholarship before the last date for submission of such applications and so several good scholarships are lost. Thus the students of Balochistan are in trouble, and so the government and high-ups in the Balochistan board are requested to ensure in time announcement of the result.
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