BB-Modi duo: A lethal combination

Abdul Rasool Syed

MODI’S visit to Israel on 04 July 2017 hit the headlines of national and international newspapers. It was the historic step forward since it was the first ever visit of Indian premier to the land of Zionists ever since the two countries forged full diplomatic ties back in 1992. Modi was given an unparalleled reception by his Israeli counterpart. During the visit, there was love in the air and by the sea; the two leaders made waves by walking barefoot on the beach and even exchanged handwritten notes. This amicable engagement between the two heads of the country culminated into signing of a series of arms deals that totalled to over $2.6 billion — making Israel as the second largest supplier of arms to India. Further, Israeli PM Netanyahu, nicknamed as Bi Bi billed the relationship between the two countries as a” marriage made in heaven but implemented here on earth”. The visit was reciprocated by Netanyahu in January 2018, Modi welcomed his good friend at the airport with warm hugs; what followed were the tweets of mutual admiration and compliments. This is how bromance between Modi and the Bi Bi began.
Chronologically, relations between two countries had remained strained. They were once the ideological opponents. India did not even recognize Israel for two years when it declared its independence in 1948 and long viewed it with suspicion on the grounds that it was a religious ethno state. India, instead, allied with Palestine and believed that the partition was a colonial imposition. India did eventually recognize Israel in 1950 but did not cultivate full diplomatic relations with her. On the contrary, India joined NAM, a Movement that was extending exhaustive support to the PLO. Despite being non-aligned to any power, India was, in fact, tilted towards the Soviet Union. After the collapse of bipolar order in 1991, India changed its economic and strategic direction and therefore started wooing US for economic and military backing. Here came the turning point; when Americans told the Indians that if they want close relationship with the Washington DC they first have to make up with Israel. In other words, the road to Washington DC had to go through Tel Aviv. India whilst complying with the command of America, formally laid down the foundation of its diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992 and this finally led to the opening of Israeli embassy in New Delhi.
Now, with Bi Bi-Modi bromance, relations between the two countries have touched a new height. Bi-Bi-Modi duo is literally a lethal combination generally for the Muslim world and particularly for Pakistan as it is not merely a friendship between two souls but a merger of two poisonous ideologies called Zionism and Hinduvta that promotes antipathy towards Muslims. Its practical manifestation can be seen in Kashmir and Palestine respectively where India and Israel have subjected the Muslims to inhuman treatment. Pakistan, therefore, needs to be cautious and keep an eagle eye at every overt and covert move of her adversaries. It is now an open secret that Israel always worked in collusion with India to destabilize Pakistan. It also put its due share even in creation of Bangladesh. In his book 1971: A Global History of Creation of Bangladesh, Srinath Raghvan records that India acquired arms from Israel in the 14-day war that led to the creation of Bangladesh.
Moreover, when Pakistani troops took position in Kargil in 1999, one of the first things that Indian military sought was the GPS data for the region. The space based navigation system maintained by the US Government would have provided vital information, but the US denied it to India. Israel stepped in with unmanned reconnaissance aircraft or drones in the battle zones to assist India direct its war effort. In addition, it is also now an axiomatic fact that the RAW and Mossad have formed a synergy to advance their mutual interests not only in the region but also in the whole world. This venture was established to share intelligence, fight terrorism as well as a counter balance to Pakistan-China nexus. Here are two corroborative evidences in this regard; first, RAW agents purchased flats and facilitated safe houses for Mossad agents in different countries and the second, Mossad protected Modi during his visit to Turkey. The Mossad agents had been called in to provide additional cover to Modi’s security, composed of India’s special protection groups from India’s secret agents from RAW and IB.
Furthermore, on diplomatic front, India abstained on a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) resolution condemning Israel over UN report into the alleged war crimes committed during 2014 Gaza conflict-marking a significant change in India’s stance. Earlier India used to back this type of resolutions. This diplomatic overture was reciprocated by Israel in a way that when India came under severe criticism as well as diplomatic pressure from international community after conducting Pokhran-II nuclear test in 1998 and UNSC resolution 1172 was adopted unanimously 0n 6th June to condemn the test; Israel was one of the few nations that did not condemn India. To conclude, given the military and strategic preparedness of the two chronic enemies (India and Israel), Pakistan should leave no stone unturned to upgrade and strengthen its defense system and for this china and Russia is the best option. It should also focus on the diplomatic moves of both countries and formulate a well-orchestrated strategy to counter them effectively in diplomatic arena.
— The writer is a Legal practitioner-cum-columnist based in Quetta Balochistan.

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