Bayer Pakistan: Crop science promotes good nutrition

Khalid Buttt


As part of its community outreach efforts, Bayer Pakistan – Crop Science organized a Nutritional Awareness Day at a local Government school at Manga, Lahore.
The purpose of the activity was to create nutritional awareness among children and their parents to help foster an environment of health and wellbeing. This is because poor nutrition compromises the quality of life of school-aged children by increasing the risk of developing eating disorders, nutrient deficiencies, poor bone health, stunting etc., and jeopardizing their potential to benefit from education. The recent survey conducted by the UN World Food Program found that 15 percent of children under 5 in Pakistan suffer from acute malnutrition, the second highest rate in the region.
Students from the Institute of Diet & Nutritional Sciences, University of Lahore were invited to impart knowledge and information pertaining to healthy diet and hygiene. The young boys and girls participated in fun activities that stressed the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, and received healthy snacks, milk box and nutrition charts to take home.
“As one of the world’s leading life sciences company, we hold ourselves to a high standard for driving social change,” said Azeem Niazi, Corporate Lead at Bayer Pakistan – Crop Science. “As part of Bayer’s commitment towards advancing health and nutrition, such activities will make a sustainable difference in the fight to eliminate malnutrition, and lay the foundation for a healthier and safer life for children”.
Bayer is a Life Science company with more than 150-year history. The company engages in the development, manufacture and distribution of products in the areas of health care and agriculture. Bayer’s Crop Science Division has a global presence in over 120 countries and has operated in Pakistan for nearly 55 years. With its latest seed technology, crop protection and cutting-edge digital tools, Bayer – Crop Science is working with Pakistani farmers to continue delivering tailored solutions for improved productivity, healthy harvests, increased livelihoods, and better health and nutrition of the people.

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