Basic disputes of Balochistan

Sher Jan

It is known to everyone that the problems of Balochistan are on the rise but no one seems successful to solve disputes of Balochistan. Infact, the leaderships could not grasp that where do the problems lie. Some fundamental rights of Balochistan are being violated which give birth the other problems. It means Pakistan’s largest Province with richest natural resources has been deprived of the fundamental rights, such as political and economic dominance of the Federal government, interference in the legislative area of the Province, extreme corruption and loot and plunder of the annual budget by the bureaucracy and politicians.
The recommendation on higher posts is become common, meritocracy is totally disabled, the poor students are well prepared and eligible for the competitive posts but unfortunately, the posts are being sold. The Province has been deprived of development and education funds which has led the Province towards backwardness. The people of Balochistan have been victim of unemployment which impels the youth to get involved in robbing, looting and so many criminals activities. Beside this, smuggling is one of the biggest problems, which causes the youth to get involved in drugs addiction. The bureaucracy and other dominant elements are conniving with the smugglers and they are earning a lot of money which lets the drugs to be spread in the Province The fundamentals disputes of Balochistan are required to be addressed on priority basis for real development of Balochistan.
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