Banning gutka

Use of Gutka is growing in Pakistan and causing many dangerous diseases. Nearly 75 percent cancer patients can be seen in hospitals affected by Gutka, Niswar, Paan Masala and other such poisonous estables and chewables. The main reason of cancer is Chhalia, Gutka and Puri. Furthermore, the use of Gutka can lead to vomiting stomach cramps and diarrhea. It also can cause chest pain, either high or low blood pressure, raised skin temperature and irregular heartbeat, according to the NIH. Overall, people can develop cancer of mouth, lung and oesophagus, heart diseases and related ailments. At the last, promoted as a mouth freshener this mixture is a combination of 4,000 chemicals of which at least 40 are carcinogenic compound (according to doctors). This is because when a person chews Gutka, the mixture directly enters the system through the oral cavity. In the case of smoking, 20 percent of the harmful chemical reaches the lungs and 80 percent is exhaled.

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