Banning cold drink

Drinking cold drinks is common among us, especially the children. Fizzy drinks have a magnetic effect on youngsters who are attracted to their sugary flavours and neon colours. However, the effects these drinks have on young bodies can be highly negative. That’s why, the Punjab Food Authority banned sale of carbonated beverages in and around schools. Legal action will be taken against those selling such drinks in school canteens and within a 100-metre radius of educational institutions.
Some of the problems created by soft drinks are: it promotes obesity and tooth decay. Our society has a growing problem of obesity. Children who are already obese shouldn’t have to put up with the temptation of soft drinks when they should be worried about their health. Obesity is a serious issue that can cause problem such as heart disease or diabetes. Secondly, children are more likely to consume soft drinks when they have no supervision to tell them “No”.
Brands such as Pepsi and Coke cause more harm than good to the body. The Punjab Food Authority has taken a great measure but being a school student, I have witnessed thousands of things which the students are addicted to such as smoking in the educational institutions and other stuff like betel nuts, J.M etc.
They were banned, but that ban is unfortunately not effective. It requires not only the will of the government but teachers and parents as well to guide the children to avoid doing such ominous things. The government is also requested to force private schools to impose their own bans too.
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