Banna meets foreign envoys, talks Kashmir, gets assurances

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


Central figure of APHC and spokesperson of Kashmiri Woes Hassan Banna has met a number of Geneva-based foreign envoys and told them of the sufferings the people of Jammu and Kashmir are undergoing in the presence of nearly 800,000 Indian military and paramilitary, tampering with the social lives of the Kashmiris by hauling up youth to take them to their killing dungeons. This news has been emailed to Pakistan Observer here on Friday afternoon. Banna and other Kashmiri leaders are in Geneva these days briefing human rights organizations and social figures of international fame there. He met ambassador Kaye and apprised him of Kashmir situation arising out of the massive use of anti-human force by the occupation forces, India has deployed there to suppress Kashmiris. Kashmiris, he told the envoys, want just implementation of pledges India and UNO had made to them regarding Kashmir solution. This should have been fulfilled decades ago. The pledges violation is the cause of unrest in Kashmir, he pleaded. He invited human rights entities to visit Kashmir and see for themselves the worsening human rights situation there. Rapes are being used as state policy and as state terrorism, he added. He is scheduled to meet more envoys in Geneva to inform them of the Indian arrogance over Kashmir. As India denies negotiations over Kashmir, therefore the struggle would continue unabated till the Kashmiris achieve their right to determine their future by themselves, he added.

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