Bangles, henna shops attract girls as Eid shopping reaches to peak



As only few days left in Eidul Fitr, Eid shopping activities has reached to its peak in provincial capital where great rush of girls customers were being witnessed on bangles and henna shops with variety of stuff available to cater their needs to look different from others on this joyous occasion. With a pleasant change in weather due to last night rainfall in Peshawar, great rush of girls buyers have been witnessed on bangles and “henna” stalls here on Wednesday in Peshawar where shopkeepers have beautifully decorated their shops with buntings and clourful lights to attract customers.
Peshawari girls’ accompanied with parents and guardians came out in large number for shopping and purchased bangles and applied henna on hands in the artistically decorated stalls setup at different areas of cantonment and city as eid celebrations has reached to its peak in Peshawar. The distribution of bangles and henna as gifts among the girls on Eids is an old tradition of the sub-continent and girls are taking overwhelming interest in purchase of Henna and Bangles in the lucrative market of Peshawar.
The buying shiny bangles, jewellery, bright clothes and perfume with matching footwear are real fun for young girls these days as females along with their parents is being seen in bangles and heena shops busy in Eid shopping continued till late night. Shafi Market in the Cantonment area was turned into sea of women and girls on Wednesday as new shops of henna and bangles decorated with clourful buntings were opened to attract shoppers besides cashing the situation.
Many shopkeepers have also set up colourful stalls in the main markets like Jinnah Street, Deans Trade Centre, Gora Bazaar in cantonment, Meena Bazaar and others important locations in Peshawar offering different kinds of henna besides, cosmetics, earrings, gleaming bangles, embroidered clothes, jewellery, handbags, shoes and colourful dresses. Great enthusiasm is being witnessed among young girls to decorate their hands with bangles and heena and great rush of customers was being seen in these stalls.
Meena Gul 25, who come alongwith his father for shopping to Deans Trade Centre told APP that shopping of bangles and henna always doubles her joy on Eid. “I have bought bangles and readymade suit and will come on Chand Raat again to decorate her hands with henna.” She said the henna tattoos are also available in markets and are easy to paste on hands and feet and can be removed easily. The young girls admired henna tattoos associated with celebrations of Eid specifically.
“I have bought 20 sets of bangles and henna for myself and relatives and will use it during Eid days as my Eid is incomplete without bangles and henna ,” she said. “Buying shimmering glass bangles matched with the fervent colours of Eid dresses and hands and feet with henna being essential features of Eid festivities multiply our joys” Malaika, another girl came from Nowshera told APP.
“This is the cheapest way of taking along your friends and relatives as one can buy a full set of bangles and henna for less than Rs 150,” she said. “The shopping of bangles and henna always doubles my joy on Eid and without these items my Eid is incomplete”.
She said that she has bought bangles and cloths and will come on Chand Raat to decorate her hands with henna. She said young girls admired henna tattoos associated with celebrations of Eid specifically. However, she was not happy over the shooting prices of the imported items. The prices of the Eid Special Offers items are higher than the previous years and are beyond the purchasing capacity of the middle and salaried class, she remarked.—APP

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