Bancroft gets sworn sister’s backing for not challenging Australian ban

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Cameron Bancroft’s decision to not challenge the Cricket Australia sanction on ball tampering charges has received support from his UK-based sworn sister Joe Cherry.
On Wednesday, Australia’s former captain Steven Smith and Cameron Bancroft have accepted the 12-month and 9-month suspension and both will be not available for captaincy for 12 months thereafter.
“He is like a brother to me. I back Cameron 100% in his decision and believe in him to come back. I owe it to him to try and get him out of the headlines”, speaking exclusively over her mobile from England, she said.
Interestingly, Cameron Bancroft is very close to Cherry family. The right-handed opener lived in their house for about six months when, give years go, he played for the Danby Cricket Club, whose chairman is Joe’s father David Cherry.
“We are supporting him the same way as I said before. We are here for him to talk to at any time as we always have been and that will never change. He doesn’t need any advice. He has handled the whole thing very maturely and with extreme professionalism”, she further added.
Bancroft has no immediate plan to return to England. “Not that I know of at the moment”, the soul sister signed off.
Steven’s dad, Peter Smith, who run a wax business in Sydney refused to comment at this moment.
The 28-year-old Steven was consoled by his father during former’s first media briefing on his return to Australia.
In fact, despite Cricket Australia’s request to hold the press conference one day later, both Smith and Bancroft were insistent on organizing the press-conference immediately in Cape Town once the ball tampering scandal unfolded. They wanted their hearts be emptied at the soonest.

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