Ban plastic bags

Plastic Bag is the main source of pollution. It not only pollutes the
environment but also damages the natural beauty. Plastic bags are used in Pakistan on a large scale. We can see it that from small shop to a big mall all are using plastic bags. Most of the companies are investing a huge amount on making beautiful plastic bags for their publicity. Each brand has unique style of their plastic bags. New government is looking worried about environment pollution and has started a green Pakistan campaign on country level to control the effects of global warming. It is a good step for the green Pakistan that was needed very earlier but now initiated by this government. The usage of this bag must be banned by government if they want to reduce the pollution. It is the main source of pollution which can be seen on street garbage. It all always remains there because it is not damaged by anything like rain, bacteria, animals and birds. They are not only harmful for human life but also for animals, birds and fishes. It stops the flow of water in water pipe and causes a huge problem for supply of water. It creates tension for workers and consumers of this water. Because it is a very difficult to detect the point where it has stopped the water in pipe. Similarly it affects the flow of water in street. A small plastic bag is enough to stop the smooth flow of water and the whole street will be filled with water due to this blockage. It can also create a problem in sewerage pipe system particularly in flood season. Just government will not do these all things; people must support the government in its efforts!
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