Balochistan will soon become richest province, says Abbasi


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Dera Bugti

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi inaugurated on Thursday the Kacchi canal project in Sui, Dera Bugti and said that the project will change the fate of the nation. It would change the lives of the residents of Balochistan.
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was addressing on the occasion of inaugural of Kachhi Canal project in Dera Bugti, District of Balochistan.
“Today, Nawaz Sharif should have been here,” he said, adding that the former premier had been involved in every phase of the project. He said water projects worth Rs200 billion have been initiated in the province.
The premier said, “we do not agree with the July 28 decision of the Supreme Court but respect it”.
He said the people have to decide if they want progress and development in their area, adding that the Pakistan Muslim League-N has always tried to help people. The Kachhi canal project will help irrigate 72,000 acres of land.
Kachhi canal project is of great importance for the development of water infrastructure and irrigated agriculture in Balochistan. The total estimated cost of the project is around Rs80 billion.
The 363km long main canal (of which 351km is lined canal) takes off from Taunsa Barrage in Muzaffargarh district and comes to an end in Dera Bugti district. He pronounced that as the foundation of the project was laid by ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif, he should have been there to inaugurate it.
Abbasi went on to say that Nawaz Sharif left the office quickly but no chaos happened in the country.
With the completion of phase one of Kachhi Canal, water infrastructure and irrigated agriculture have achieved a land mark as the project is being called a ‘game changer’.
The project will ensure economic development and social uplift in the remote areas of Balochistan by promoting agriculture and agro-based economy.
Work on phase two and three is also likely to begin shortly which will make additional 70,000 acre land cultivable in the reas of Naseerabad, Bhag Nara, Gandawa and Kachhi.
After the first phase was completed, water was released from Taunsa Barrage to Kachhi canal on September 1 which has now reached Dera Bugti’s Sui area.
He said the issue of water and gas faced by the people of Sui and Dera Bugti will be resolved on priority basis.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said several development projects are underway in Balochistan at a cost of four hundred and forty-five billion rupees while twenty-five billion rupees are being spent on energy projects.
“[Former PM] Nawaz Sharif should have been here today. This [canal] is his project,” Abbasi said as he criticised the PPP for not developing the project during its tenure.
“A lot of governments have come, but they only made empty promises to secure their votes. The PML-N does not make false promises; it solves the problems people in the country are facing.”
“If you make the right decision when casting your votes, you will also see the benefits,” he said. “These decisions are in your hand,” Abbasi added.
Abbasi said that the whole country was indebted to Balochistan as gas from Sui had allowed other provinces to progress. “This is not a favour to you, this is our responsibility,” Abbasi said as he promised to fulfil the fundamental needs of the people. “The people of this province should feel that the rest of Pakistan is repaying its debt to Balochistan.”
“Gwadar is one of the routes through which Balochistan will become Pakistan’s richest province,” the prime minister said.
“I want to say to my brothers who are upset with us to participate in the development and progress of their province,” Abbasi added as he promised the development of electricity, road and gas projects in Balochistan.
He said work on supply of natural gas to all district headquarters of Balochistan has been started at a cost of fifteen billion rupees.

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