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Balochistan: Heart of doval doctrine

Abdul Rasool Syed

With assumption of country’s top office, premier Modi, {in-}famous for his hawkish inclination, kicked off a Machiavellian campaign to upset the regional balance of power. He is found to be madly in love to install India as a regional hegemon, an aspiration endearing cherished by his political mentors and ideologues. To further his mission, he needed a man having same offensive proclivity. He therefore, selected Ajit Doval, the former Director IB (Intelligence Bureau) as National Security Advisor—a man widely notorious for his covert operations against Pakistan. Mr. Doval without an iota of any doubt is a real hawk in all connotations of the term “Hawk”. This claim was substantiated by the former head of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) A.S Daulat who characterized Doval in one of his talks as “the hawkish Ajit Doval”. What is more is that Doval like his boss Modi is a key advocate and mouthpiece of Hinduvta and aggressively promotes Hindu nationalism. That’s why, he is the blue eyed boy of Modi.
This duo (Doval- Modi) with hawkish tendencies is extremely dangerous for the region especially for Pakistan. Doval stationed in Pakistan for seven years. He used to frequent to mosques to offer prayers and befriended with the local people in order to collect the sensitive information. Doval is fluent in Urdu and also has an impressive knowledge of Islam. Given these individualities, he deems himself as an unmatched security expert on Pakistan affairs. He claims that living here in Pakistan; he has learnt the Achilles heel of Pakistan. In February 2014, while unleashing his nefarious plot against Pakistan, Doval said:” Pakistan is a neighbor which continues to bleed us. What if we get highly vulnerable domestic situation? How do we go about? We have to find a solution which is a long term, sustainable and affordable. So, first, accept reality. Second, define problem. “Then, let us make a response. If we go to response, we have to understand what terrorism is. Generally, when we talk terrorism, it is said senseless, inhuman etc. Yes it is, but these are tactical issues. Indeed, terrorism is a tactic to achieve ideological or political advantages.” He, further, expatiated on “Political Islam” and asked: “So how to tackle Pakistan? You know, we engage enemy in three modes. One is a defensive mode. That is, you see what the chokidars and chaprasis do, i.e. to prevent somebody from coming in. One is defensive-offensive. To defend ourselves, we go to the place from where the offence is coming. We are now in defensive mode. The last mode is called offensive mode. When we come in defensive-offense, we start working on the vulnerabilities of Pakistan. It can be economic, it can be internal, it can be political; it can be international isolation, defeating their policies in Afghanistan, making it difficult for them to manage internal political lands security balance. It can be anything. “I am not going into details. But you need to change the engagement from the defensive mode because in defensive mode you throw 100 stones on me, I stop 90. But 10 still hurt me and I can never win. Because, either I lose or there is a stalemate. You throw a stone when you want, you have peace when you want, and you have talks when you want. In defensive-offense we see where the balance of equilibriums lies.
“Pakistan’s vulnerabilities are many times higher than us. Once they know that India has shifted its gear from defense mode to defensive-offense, they will find that it is unaffordable for them.” Then came the line that went viral: “You may do one Mumbai you may lose Balochistan.” It was a giveaway, an eye-opener. This is the heart of the Doval doctrine in all its clarity. He added: “We don’t need Pakistan. Let Pakistan bleed with Taliban problem if they do not leave terrorism as an instrument of their state policy. The second thing is how you deal [with] terrorist organizations. Third thing is to deny them weapons, funds and manpower. Now funding may be denied with countering funds. If they have budget of 500 crores, we can match it with 1,800 crores. So they would be on our side. They are mercenaries. Do you think they are great fighters? No. So, go for more covert steps. We will match them with money, we are a bigger country. So work amongst the Muslim organizations, they are more willing. There are only a few bad families. Last, make the paradigm shift; go for high technology, and in response, prepare for intelligence driven operations”, covertly, of course, in commando style.
What is most alarming in Doval doctrine for our country is the launching of covert operations which India has been doing and would keep doing so. This time, they may be more devastating. To this end, it may connive with the proscribed terrorist outfits and the secessionist forces of Balochistan. In addition, covert operations choreographed by India in Balochaistan were confirmed by well-known Indian newspaper The Indian Express. It reported in September 2013 that army had destroyed documents of the so-called “Technical Service Division” (TSD) before the army chief V.K Singh’s tenure ended. Sushant Singh wrote:” As per reports, the inquiry report (set up after his retirement) said that TSD had claimed to have carried out at least eight covert operations in foreign country. The TDS also allegedly claimed that in October and November 2011, it had paid money from secret service funds to try and enroll the secessionist chief in a province of neighbouring country.” There were thus two operations, eight covert and one of bribery. Is it far-fetched to guess that the “foreign country” was Pakistan and the” province” was Balochistan? To encapsulate, the yearning for peace between India and Pakistan in the presence of Ajit Doval and the like –minded in the Indian security establishment is just like crying for moon. What we can expect is more covert operations in our country especially in Balochistan. Warmongers like Modi and Doval would leave no stone unturned to regain their lost hubris. Therefore, we need to remain alert, cautious and proactive …what is more important and the need of the hour is to forge unity among us; Since “By union “remarked Sallust “the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed.”
— The writer is a Legal practitioner-cum-columnist based in Quetta Balochistan.