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Balochistan bleeds again

Terror reared its ugly head once again in Balochistan on Friday where twenty one people were martyred and dozens of others injured in two separate attacks that took place in Quetta and the border town of Chaman. The suicide attack in the provincial capital once again targeted the ethnic Hazara community. The despicable incident happened despite the fact that security forces were escorting eleven vehicles and fifty five members of the Hazara community. Such blasts indeed are a conspiracy to destabilize the province and Pakistan at large by inciting sectarian clashes. To avert more such attacks, it is time to put in place a string security cover for Hazara community which has greatly suffered over the last few years as a result of these terror attacks. No words can heal the wound left on soul of the people who lost the loved ones and one expects that needful will be done that not only heals wounds of the Hazara community but also gives them sense of security and relieve them from trauma. Undoubtedly these attacks against Hazara community have been orchestrated none other than by the RAW and NDS. With the cooperation of intelligence agencies, the terror network operating in the province under the patronage of our arch enemy India must be nabbed and exposed before the world. Quetta safe city project was approved by the government just last December and it is time to expedite work on this important project and the same should also be replicated in Gwadar- the main hub of multibillion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Strategically and resource rich Balochistan is important for overall development of Pakistan and to make the CPEC fully successful. This is the reason that our enemy is active in this particular area and also perturbed over the fencing of the border with Afghanistan. Whilst our security forces need to be more vigilant and alert, federal and provincial governments should act and work in close coordination to bring improvement in the living standards of the local Baloch people and address their sense of deprivation. A peaceful Balochistan is a must for economically strong Pakistan.