Balochistan and education

Munaj Gul Muhammad

Balochistan is the largest Province of Pakistan in terms of geographical area, which constitutes approximately 43% of total area of Pakistan. In the 1998 census, Balochistan had a population of roughly 6.6 million. It is Pakistan’s largest Province as well as the poorest and least populated. But Balochistan is rich in mineral resources and it is the second biggest gas supplier after Sindh. A large number of Baloch moved to Quetta after it became the capital of Balochistan in 1970.
Balochistan suffers owing to the lack of education and health facilities, as the government does not pay attention to these issues. Most schools are in shambles. Moreover, whatever schools and colleges are there in the Province, they are being destroyed in the absence of teachers. This has rendered approximately more than 50,000 students out of school, leaving them with shattered dreams. They don’t have enough money to seek admission in private schools, and in some areas, there are no schools at all. The federal government should intervene in the matter and streamline the education system in Balochistan at earliest.
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