Balochi, as a subject

Languages are essentially a tool for identification. They play an important role for the betterment and development of their communities. Every region has its own particular mother tongue which also manifests itself in the culture of that region.
To respect and recognise that culture, states must also recognise its language; one can only develop and prosper if languages are respected and preserved. But, it is painful to highlight that the language of Balochistan, which is considered the energy basket of Pakistan, has been completely neglected. Students in the province are not even studying their own language, which is Balochi.
In other provinces, ethnic languages are a part of school curriculum. But in Balochistan, Balochi is never heard of. Balochi, as a subject, is only included in the curriculum of college.
The former Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, had planned to make Balochi mandatory in the government schools. But unfortunately, he failed to do that. Without the appointment of competent teachers, the task remains almost impossible in the province. Aren’t we the part of this country? Why are we not allowed to study our own books, languages and history? The government of Pakistan and policy makers are humbly requested to provide the equal rights to the people of Pakistan. The language of Baluchistan should not be neglected. This is how we identify ourselves. So, I expect the state to treat Balochi language just like it treats other languages.

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