Baloch youth want quality education!

Munaj Gul Muhammad

BALOCHISTAN is far behind as far as quality of education is concerned and a recent survey has revealed that the literacy rate in Balochistan is merely 33 per cent.There are hundreds or thousands of ghost schools in the province and no one seems to heed the loss the youth is incurring who are being neglected by the government. Moreover, the ghost teachers are spoil life of youngsters and the education system in rural areas of Balochistan is dismal. The children who are studying in the government schools are deprived of fundamental needs like,building walls, chairs, punctual teachers, toilets, drinking water, electricity, school course books and so on. It really makes the people unsatisfied to know the fact that the teachers who are receiving their payments monthly without attending the classes and the negligence of the Government is unsettling the students to read in a proper way. In Balochistan the teachers are mostly appointed on the basis of recommendations and references rather than qualifications. This all has led to the disastrous situation we find ourselves today. The shortage of necessary facilities in the school are infrastructure. On the other hand, Balochistan is being the well-to-do province of Pakistan is facing so many loathsome pros and cons, mostly the impecunious people’s children are being left in the lurch by our government because she is not paying any attention towards the development of education.
It is really painful to say that plenty of students are deprived from the rudimentary opportunities whose lives and futures are being destroyed for not having money to gain education which is the fundamental needs of everyone. There are three main reasons which are the onus of our backwardness regarding education. The first one is the absence of course-books which are not being distributed by the government poor children are not able to buy books and notebooks for their studies and most of the poor children are out of school whose lives are being ruined. Secondly, our government is not paying any attention towards the education system to make it better. Thirdly the members of our society are illiterate and they are not aware about the benefits of education and knowledge, they are sending their children to find work and boost their family incomes. Nevertheless, unluckily Balochistan is the worst province as far as quality of education is concerned. Our government is not paying attentions towards the educational betterment which is the rudimentary need pity. The politicians are saying that (CPEC) China Pakistan economic Corridor will bring developments in Balochistan, but I am shocked to know the development of Balochistan! Where child Labour is increasing instead of decreasing, schools are annihilating in place of rebuilding, students are cheating instead of learning and the illiteracy rate is growing rapidly in place of elimination.
In Balochistan the schools and colleges are being damaged and they also lack professors, lecturers, teachers even though some of the schools were destroyed before many years ago are still in same conditions. Due to the destruction of the schools thousands of students are out of school and their dreams are being crushed out because they are paupers and they don’t have money to get admission in private schools although in Balochistan there are some rural areas where there isn’t any school for the children and they are being illiterate in this twenty first century and not awarded about their basic rights. We need to think about this issue and take out the solutions. Why aren’t students getting their fundamental rights? Such is a nutritious health and a seemly quality of education. Who is the onus of these lethal conditions?
Conversely, if we talk about the girls education in Balochistan then it means that we are really behind. It is estimated that in Balochistan there are more than 25000 schools but unfortunately, among these only 13000 schools are for girls and in rural areas of Balochistan mostly girls are out of school and sewing clothes. It is said that “if a man is educated it means only an individual is educated if a woman gets education it means that a nation is educated”. But in Balochistan women are neglected both by parents and government to acquire education. This is the right time that we must change our thoughts and send the children into schools for gaining education and the youth must not be deprived of the meat-and-potatoes opportunities for gaining a quality education in Balochistan anymore!

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