Baloch; the ignored!

It is known to everyone that Pakistan is a God-gifted country and it is blessed by Allah the Almighty with rich natural resources and talented individuals. As all Pakistan is full of talented people and the Baloch are not less than anyone else and are laced with God-gifted talents as singers, dancers, writers and etc. It is a fact that they have been ignored in every walk of life. This sort of feeling has accumulated over time that they are being devalued in their own country. But what I think this thing needs to be changed by the more updated generation of Pakistan i.e. no one should feel that I am Baloch, I am Sindhi, I am Punjabi or I am Pathan since we have already faced numerous problems due to these discriminations among the provinces.
However, all the provinces should be given equal importance in every aspect/respect. As there are several artistes in Balochistan who deserve to be rewarded or receive something from the government to be encouraged but unfortunately, government does not pay any attention towards the Baloch legends, it is hardly understandable… why? It is appropriate time to make them feel that they are the citizens of Pakistan and owner of the {Great} Gwadar which is going to be the future of Pakistan in the near future.

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