Baloch militants’ surrender

AS part of ongoing political reconciliation in Balochistan, more than 300 suspected militants including fourteen commanders laid down arms before government officials on Saturday. Former chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch launched this reconciliation process a few years ago and so far roughly two thousand militants have surrendered.
Whilst we welcome government and security forces efforts for bringing peace and stability to Balochistan, we understand it is also time to earnestly enhance the process of engaging estranged Baloch leaders sitting abroad. Though talks cannot be held with those who are trying to malign Pakistan with the backing of Indian RAW yet others can be engaged in order to bring them into national political process. Though we repeatedly hear from government’s top officials inviting the estranged leaders for talks but it is time to take some practical steps towards that end by constituting a fully empowered committee to take forward the process of reconciliation. As regards the leaders involved in anti-Pakistan campaigns abroad, these and their sordid agenda need to be fully exposed before the local population of Balochistan. As regards militants surrendering weapons, it is responsibility of the provincial government to take practical steps that enables them to stand on their own feet. In fact a proper institution should be established for them where they are not only de-radicalised but training is also provided to them in different market oriented fields so that they become useful citizens of the society and earn livelihoods for their families. There is no doubt that our enemy is hatching conspiracies to destabilise Balochistan province yet this strategy could be foiled by taking steps that brings local population fully amalgamated in national mainstream. By this action the province will be able to fully exploit its potential and accrue maximum benefit from the CPEC.

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