Baiyin city all set to host traders, with revival of ancient Silk Road

Zubair Qureshi

Baiyin city (China)

For the journalists and media persons participating in the 2017 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt & Road which is being held on September 19 (today) in Dunhuang city of Gansu province, visit to Baiyin city was quite informative as well as entertaining. Located in Gansu province of China, Baiyin is called the pearl of the Silk Road and has a profound cultural background. Media persons along with China’s local journalists visited the city and came to know its rich traditions, cool environment, and above its reputation of being the golden city.
President of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) Baiyin Municipal Committee Mrs Su Jun, hosted a reception party in the honour of visiting media team and briefed them about Baiyin’s rich cultural and historical traditions. The reception was also attended by the Mayor of the City and the VP of the CPC Baiyin Municipal Committee Mr Zhang Xuchen.
About the forum, Mrs Su Jun said it (the media cooperation forum) provided an ideal opportunity to hold dialogue and exchange ideas between media representatives of the B&R countries and the Chinese government. The Silk Road located is one of the important roads from ancient China to the Western region and runs through the entire territory of Baiyin, she said. The spirit of the Silk Road has passed from generation to generation and it is all about peace and cooperation, said she further.
Baiyin city besides its magnificent mountains, river-stream intersection, oasis and desert has also rich industrial base. It is known to the world “copper city” and was ranked as top city in copper yield and output value for 18 consecutive years.
Even now, its production capacity is around 500,000 tons in copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metals and it is the largest Chinese nonferrous metal industrial base. The B&R journalists were also informed that Baiyin was also an important new chemical and energy base in the West, which is rich in water, electricity and solar energy.
The delegation was taken to the Mine Museum and they visited the smelting plant of Baiyin Company. Later, they also visited Yinxi Industrial Park.
Baiyin city’s 30pc population is Muslim and they (Muslims) are living for centuries in this region of the country. One could see the Muslim population engaged in various businesses and trades contributing to the economic uplift of the city and the province. According to a local Muslim, Muhammad Ebrahim, revival of Silk Road will further boost the economy and revenue of the city and people-to-people exchange will enhance in this way quite considerably. Baiyin has a history of hosting the caravan of the traders on their way to Central Asia, West and other far off countries of the world and with the revival of the Silk Road as per vision of the President Xi Jingping the Baiyin city will again become of hub of commercial activities, he said.

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