Bait Ul Sakoon serving patients without any greed of money

Amanullah Khan

The commercialization of health services has changed image of health institutions, hospitals even of the Speciailists as business organizations with an aim to print money forgetting the golden values of humanity in our society. The panel facility provided by different organizations to their employees has become a risk to the life of the patients who is given expensive and long duration treatment and unending demand for medical tests at the Laboratories either run by the relevant hospitals or Doctors recommended for the hidden commissions.
In most of the cases the patients having a panel facility are operated upon even twice to charge lucrative fee in many cases the patients even lost their lives.
However in this situation of commercialism there are a few islands as well offering medical services to the ailing humanity with charging
any fee and Bait Ul Sakoon is one of the examples serving the people without any greed of money.
Dr. Jawaid Mallick, Medical Director, Bait Ul Sukoon, said that the hospital has provided treatment to 12,237 in-house patients and 56,465 OPD cases. Around 14,879 patients received chemotherapy, over 3,522 radiotherapy and over 2,778 underwent life saving surgeries.
Bait Ul Sukoon Cancer Hospital successfully provided treatment to 16,536 cancer patients entirely free of cost since its inception while the expenses per patient were around one million to two million rupees. It was established in 1999 as a hospice.
Bait Ul Sukoon provides tertiary and palliative care to all cancer patients while chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, symptomatic and supportive management, pain management, investigative procedures, blood transfusion, follow up care, boarding and lodging all are part of the patient welfare provided by the hospital.
He appealed philanthropists and general public to come forward and join hands for this noble cause by donating generously to help the deserving receive life-saving treatment which costs about one million to two million rupees.

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