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Bahria Town — brand of quality

WHEN our relevant authorities failed to provide quality housing projects to the people, it only goes to the credit of Bahria Town for giving the countrymen the world class housing projects not only meeting the rising demands of the houses but also ensuring that the dwellers enjoy a complete living experience by making available to them state-of-the-art facilities at their doorsteps. In recognition of its outstanding quality work, Bahria Town – the largest real estate development company in Asia, also earned many foreign awards, thus also bringing a good name and projecting a positive image of the country abroad.
It is also hallmark of Bahria Town that it always delivered on the timelines of the projects, thus winning the confidence of the people especially the expatriate Pakistanis to invest in its projects who in fact see it as a brand of quality and trust. Its latest venture of developing a housing project in Karachi and constructing a Grand Jamia Mosque there which will be the world’s third largest mosque is another milestone which will reshape the landscape of the provincial capital. Similarly, the Bahria Grand mosque in Lahore is an architectural marvel that can house faithful in number larger to Faisal Mosque and Badshahi mosque combined. How much the people trust and adore Bahria Town could also be gauged from the recent verdict of Supreme Court in favour of the real estate developer which in fact rekindled the hopes of not only expatriate Pakistanis but also industries associated with the construction. The fact of the matter is that the work done by Bahria Town since its inception is matchless and therefore, it also needs to be recognized and appreciated by all. Apart from housing projects, Bahria Town and its Chairman Malik Riaz have also remained at the forefront in philanthropist work. At the time of every calamity be it the earthquake of 2005 or floods in recent years, Bahria Town always came forward to help those in distress. Malik Riaz has also set up various charitable trusts to help the needy people. Its Dastarkhawan project is also providing free meals daily to hundreds of thousands of hard-up people. During the hearing of his case at the Supreme Court, Malik Riaz had also offered his services for construction of dams. Given the work done by Bahria Town so, we believe that such business people should be involved in execution of national projects be it the construction of dams or Clean and Green Pakistan Initiative in order to make them a successful story and take forward the country.