Backfires on teacher

Today’s teachers fail to identify the needs of children. Parent-teacher meetings yield nothing. Both teaching and learning have hit the lowest levels in schools. It would be no exaggeration to say that teachers are under great pressure because they are answerable to parents as well as the school management. In many instances, teachers are cowed down during parent-teacher meetings. Present day teacher has neither the commitment nor the capacity to mould his students into responsible citizens.
I still remember the days that I had also been caned for being naughty in school. Unfortunately, instead of deterring me, the incident led me to find new ways to annoy the teacher who had punished me. Teachers should try to get at the place in the student’s psyche from where the misdemeanour and fears spring. Corporal punishment not only affects the child who is at the receiving end but also the other students watching its infliction. Effective discipline comes from instruction rather than punishment.
Ahmedabad, India

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