Babar seeks post-retirement benefits for public functionaries


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Farhatullah Babar raised the issue of allotment of lands to public functionaries on their retirement as reward for the services rendered
Speaking on a point of public importance in the Senate on Wednesday, Farhatullah Babar said that the issue involved a number of questions including whether such allotments were governed by legislation or rules and regulations, who framed those rules and when, the application of the rules in the past and whether the application of such rules in the future need to be streamlined.
There also was the question of who among the retired senior officials were entitled to this extraordinary privilege, he added.
The issue is both sensitive and important, the PPP Senator said and called for its examination in a relevant committee of the Senate which may discuss it in camera if it so deemed, he said.
As these allotments are claimed to be made under the law and regulations it is important that these are also examined in a holistic manner in the legislature, Farhatullah Babar said adding it would be in the interest of everyone if there is transparency and the procedure was reviewed by the Parliament.
Chairman Senate, Raza Rabbani reserved his ruling saying that he would consider how best to proceed with post-retirement benefits to public officials in a holistic manner.
On another issue of public importance Senator Farhatullah Babar drew attention towards what he said kidnapping and unlawful confinement of two teen agers by Islamabad police last Sunday and who were later recovered from a local police station. The police at first denied any knowledge but when the relatives of one of the teenager using high tech traced from the mobile telephone his location, they were found in a police station.
Terming it a serious incident Chairman Raza Rabbani involving human rights and liberties referred it to the human rights committee of senate with direction to investigate and report on it during the next session of the senate.—INP

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