Azerbaijan celebrates centenary of Republic


Baku, Islamabad to further expand bilateral cooperation

Ashraf Ansari

Ambassador Ali Alizada of Azerbaijan and Mrs. Aynura Alizada hosted a warm reception in the federal capital to celebrate 100th anniversary of founding of the Democratic Republic of the country. The reception hall was profusely decorated to highlight the jubilation of the occasion. It was sitting dinner, almost uncommon for such receptions in Islamabad. A cultural show by the Azerbaijan artistes added colour to the reception. Their performance was highly appreciated by the guests. It was a well attended reception and the guests included ambassadors, diplomates, civil and military officials as well as prominent people from civil society. The federal minister for defence production Rana Tanveer Hussain was the chief guest who joined the ambassador and other guests in cutting the ceremonial cake.
In his welcome speech the ambassador of Azerbaijan reviewed bilateral relations between Pakistan and his country, terming them as excellent, cordial and brotherly. He said, ever since the independence of his country in 1991 from the Soviet Union, the two countries have been cooperating with each other in various areas of mutual interests.
The two countries have always been desirous of further strengthening their relations. He was confident that bilateral cooperation between the two countries will continue growing with the passage of time.
The chief guest reciprocating the sentiments of the ambassador said, Pakistan highly values its relations with Azerbaijan and wants to expand them to new heights. He expressed his confidence that the two countries would continue working together for mutual interests as well as for peace and security in the region. Relations between areas of present day Pakistan and Azerbaijan go back to ancient times. Baku’s Multan Sarai is one symbol.
Pakistan and Azerbaijan share views on vital issues of the region and they are cooperating with each other at the international level. Pakistan supports Azerbaijan’s stance on Ngorno Karabakh while Baku supports Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir. The two countries call for resolution of the issues in accordance with the UN resolutions.
The people of Azerbaijan possess a rich history of approximately 5000 years. It is noteworthy that the People’s Republic of Azerbaijan in 1981 was the first ever parliamentary democratic state in the eastern world.
Azerbaijan is situated at eastern end of South Caucasus on the shores of the Caspian sea. The population of Azerbaijan exceeds 9.9 million and the territory covers an area of 86600 square kilometers. Azerbaijan is the largest country of South Caucasus. The city of Baku is the capital and largest city.
Historically a part of the Great Silk Road Azerbaijan has, since ancient times, aroused the interests of great minds, scientists, travellers and historians. References to this amazing land, are found in the ancient writings of Herodotus, Strabo and Claudius Ptolemy. Azerbaijan has amazing historical and cultural heritage with more than 7500 natural, archeological, architectural and historical monuments.

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